Why choose So Cal Pool Tables



The answer is simple, anyone can sell and deliver a pool table, BUT the fact is very few people can setup a pool table that will play to professional standards.  Why pay three or four times as much for the same or comparable table and service.  All our tables are top quality and retail over $4,000.00.  For SoCal Pool Tables, the “PLAY” of a pool table is of most importance and to assure this we start by taking our time to patiently level the base and slates of the table.  Once the slates are leveled and set on the table, it is time to install the felt.


The cloth must be pulled evenly making sure no loose spots are left on the table.  The trick is evenly pulling on the bed cloth making sure there is enough cloth for the pockets without thinning the cloth on top.  We use a step by step process to achieve the best playability on the felt.  The process is very time consuming and requires a lot of precision and patience.  


Covering the rails the correct way is very important.  Using the right size feather strip is the first key.  If it is too small it will not hold the cloth on the rail, if it is too large it might damage the felt and sometimes even the rail.  When we cover the rails we make sure we do not leave them loose or too tight.  When it is overstretched, it causes stress on the rubber cushion making play inconsistent.


Setting up a table correctly takes a lot of time, practice and patience and is a step by step process that cannot be underestimated or rushed through.  We personally do all the deliveries and installations to make sure they are done according to the highest professional standards.  Most mechanics will do the job as quickly as possible at the cost of the playability of the table.  Most retailers use subcontractors for their installations.  On most occasions, the job usually goes to the lowest bidder and they must do multiple deliveries per day, putting them on a very strict schedule.


Besides taking pride in our work in setting up your table with the highest possible standards, we deliver it to you as quickly as next day when possible or within a few days at the most.  We make placing an order as simple as a quick phone call and a very small deposit.  We also offer the "Buy it Now" option where all it takes is one click for payment processing and are always available for any questions you may have.  We thank you for taking the time in browsing our products and hope earning your business.

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